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Unjha Abhayarishta
USD 15.25

Unjha Drakshasava
USD 15.35

Unjha Amritarishta
USD 15.25

Unjha Patrangasava
USD 15.35

Unjha Vasakasava
USD 15.25

Unjha Arjunarishta
USD 15.25

Unjha Vidangarishta
USD 15.25

Unjha Kalmeghasava
USD 15.25

Baidyanath Kumari Asava No 3
USD 14.45

Kumari Asava is a liquid Ayurvedic medicine used in the treatment of gastritis, urinary tract disorders etc

Baidyanath Kankasava ( 450ml )
USD 16.85

Details Of Baidyanath Kankasava : 

Kanakasava is a liquid Ayurvedic medicine in liquid form , widely used in treating Asthma, chest infections, chronic cough, chronic fevers and bleeding disorders. etc. It contains 5 – 10 %  self generated alcohol in it.

Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadharishta
USD 16.85

Mahamanjishthadharishta is poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicine.

Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadi Kadha
USD 17.45

Mahamanjishthadi Kadha is poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicine.

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