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Vasu Pharma Kum Kumadi Tailam
USD 21.65

Kum Kumadi Tailam Radiance rooted in nature

Banjaras Olive Blossom Oil
USD 16.2

Banjara\'s Olive Blossom Oil\'s is smooth to feel and is very light. It is quick to penetrate into the skin, making it soft, supple and radiant. At the same time, the oil also protects and promotes lasting hydration. The oil is fortified with skin-loving nutrient humectants, which are known to promote moisture retention in the skin.

Jovees anti-cellulite-ayurvedic-body-massage-oil
USD 15.96

Jovees massage oil is a unique preparation that has been processed scientifically to maintain the therapeutic properties of herbs and essential oil used in this formulae. It helps to tone muscles, useful in case of strained muscles, joint pains, an excellent total body firming formulae. It also helps in reducing excessive fats on the body.

J M D Cosmetics Ergo Skin & Body SPA
USD 41.87

Polishing Massage Kit - Remove your dead skin cells & rejuvenate the body

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