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Ayulabs Defet 5 Capsule OBESITY
USD 18.55

Defet – 5 Capsules facilitates lipolysis in adipose tissues, Dissolves fat globules and promotes elimination, promotes normal cellular metabolism and reduces adiposity, Reduces harmful cholesterol and triglyceride levels, ensures reduction in body fat and weight.

Vasu Pharma Cutis Cream
USD 5.75

Cutis Cream For Topical Cutaneous Care

Zandu Sitopaladi Churna
USD 19.60

Zandu Sitopaladi Churna - Useful in Bronchitis, Cough, Phthisis, Chest infection, Burning of hands and feet.

Pooram Capsules
USD 8.8

Specific and Nonspecific Leucorrhoea, Low Back – ache and Weakness, Recurrent and excessive Vaginal Discharge, Calcium Deficiency, Urinary Track infection.

Sandom Capsules
USD 8.8

Facial Palsy, Hemiplegia, All types of Paralytic conditions, Syphilitic sores

SBL Homeopathy Bio Combination Salts Teething Troubles 21
USD 19.60

Tardy dentition. Children who are crying, obstinate, peevish during dentition, improves appetite and digestion, thus helps build body.

Capro Labs Hairich Capsules
USD 21.95

Capro Labs Hairich Capsule - Ttreats hair fall, premature greying, Baldness and Dandruff.

Capro Labs Spirulinex Capsules
USD 14.9

Capro Labs Spirulinex Capsule - A Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment for liver

Capro Labs Vathapy Capsule
USD 15.7

Capro Labs Vathapy Capsule - Improves blood circulation to cerebral, cardiac and peripheral areas.

Charak Pharma Cephagraine Tablets
USD 14.35

Cephagraine Tablets, Therapy for migraine and sinusitis

Dabur Ekangavir Ras
USD 7.95

Dabur Ekangavir Ras Paralysis, Bell’s palsy, Hemiplegia, Brachial Palsy and Sciatica

Dabur Yogendra Ras with Gold & Pearl
USD 14.9

Yogendra Ras treats Polio, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, Quadreplegia, Muscular weakness and Urine inconsistence associated with paralysis.

Dabur Rasraj Ras with Gold
USD 12.9

Rasraj Ras treats Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Lockjaw. Continuous administration of this medicine tones up the system and provides strength to the body.

AVN Lumbatone Tablets
USD 17.75

AVN Lumbatone balances the cytokines responsible for inflammation , reduces inflammation , relieves oedema , helps to heal ligamental injury , helps to heal muscular strain.

Alarsin Bangshil Tablets
USD 25.55

Alarsin Bangshil Tablets, Genito-Urinary Tract Infection

Shree Varma Shree Slim Capsules
USD 17.23

Shree Varma Shree Slim Capsules for Metabolic disorders

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