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Voila Black Rice
USD 23.2

Aachi Briyani Masala Rice
USD 8.6

Aachi Briyani Masala Rice Ingredients : Basmati Rice, Bay Leaf, Salt, Edible Vegetable Oil, Cinnamon, Jathipathiri, Cloves, Cardamom

Manna Brown Rice
USD 24.1

Herbalaya Diabeto Rice
USD 13.8

Pressure cook Herbalaya Diabetorice and consume daily for best result

Organic Biryani Pulav Rice
USD 28.2

The Indian rice called Biryani rice is truly a jewel in the rice variety of the world. This Biryani rice is famous for its flavor and competitive pricing. The art of cooking with this rice variety, spices, herbs and other seasonings come together in a wonderful show of color, aroma and flavor of Biryani.

Organic Brown Basmati Rice
USD 26.8

Organic Brown Basmati Rice, highly nutritious and healthy non polished Basmati Rice recommended by Doctors.

Organic Rice Basmati Superfine
USD 27.4

Benefits: • Organically cultivated to offer nature’s goodness • Organic Rice Basmati Superfine offers a blend of perfect aroma & delicious taste • Delicate, Pronounced Flavour • Extra Long, Slender Grains Uses: • Basmati Superfine is Perfect to Make Pulav

Organic Rice Dalia
USD 23.2

Rice Dalia has a high water content and is easily digested. Rice Dalia is rich in iron and vitamin B complex and is a good source of healthy carbohydrates

Organic Rice Parmal
USD 25.9

The perfect rice for idli & dosa, as well as Rissoto.

Organic Rice Regular Basmati
USD 26.8

The unadulterated pure strains of basmati to give the authentic aroma and taste of basmati rice.

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