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N2H Chilli flakes
USD 24.2

Aachi Diet Dosa
USD 5.59

Aachi Diet Dosa is South Indian Dosai Mix, It is healthy and suitable diet for Vegetarians. The delicious plain and crispy dosas are serverd with Sambar and chutney

Aachi Diet Idly
USD 6.5

Aachi Diet Idly is used to make tasty and soft idlis instantly. Idly goes well with coconut chutney ,vegetable sambar and curry leaves chutney. This range of traditional Indian Food are Made in India

Dear Earth Organic Peanuts - 500 Gms
USD 16.40

Product Features • 100% organic and duly certified • Instant energy booster • Rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals • Zero cholesterol • Rich in proteins • Fight Stomach cancer • Protection against heart diseases • Regulates blood sugar levels; good for diabetic patients • Good for skin and hair • Contains potassium, manganese, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, vitamin B6 and B9 • Lowers the risk of weight gain • Protection against colon cancer • Helps in promoting fertility among-st women • Nutty taste and a fresh flavor

Dear Earth Organic Rajma Jammu
USD 15.95

Product Features • 100% organic and duly certified for US NOP and Indian NPOP Organic standards • Grown using environment friendly techniques • Zero use of synthetics like pesticides and antibiotics • Hygienic storage to preserve quality • Attractive packaging with details • Excellent source of fibre and nutrients • Ideal for healthy vegan diet • Non-sticky; separate and whole grains even after cooking • Production by small scale farmers; dedicated quality

Dear Earth Red Chilli Whole 100 Gms
USD 9.90

Product Features • 100% organic • Grown using environment friendly methods • Contains Vitamin C and antioxidants • Production carried out by small scale farmers • No additives or preservatives used • Genuine and Quality Product • No harmful chemicals; absolutely safe food Uses: • Can be used in masala and curries • Imparts rich flavour and vibrant colour to dishes

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