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Lakme Eyebrow Pencil Black
USD 10.20

Lakme Eyebrow Pencil soothes your eyes with camphor and castor oil.

Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal
USD 13.5

100% natural kajal that relaxes and soothes eyes through the day. Smudge-proof and long lasting, It contains botanical extracts of camphor and almond oil to pamper eyes and promote lash grwoth.

Eyetex Kajal Paste
USD 8.05

Is an high quality, smudge – proof and waterproof eyeliner. Stays on all day & easy to apply and has quality ingredients that are natural and safe for the eyes. Can be used as a multipurpose herbal cosmetic, as a mascara, eyeliner or as an eyebrow. Is good for long wearing and it stays on without smudging under normal conditions.

Hashmi Kajal
USD 15.00

Street Wear Kajal
USD 10.50

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