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Organic Cinnamon Stick
USD 19.1

Cinnamon Stick is used in desserts, is digestive & boosts memory. Aromatic & is principally employed in cookery as a condiment and flavoring ingredient. Regulates blood sugar levels; stimulates appetite.

Organic Curry Leaves Crushed
USD 18.8

Organic Crushed Curry Leaves are rich, aromatic seasoning. Anti-diabetic & anti-microbial. Highly aromatic food as well as medicinal ingredient.

Dear Earth Organic Cashew
USD 29.4

Product Features • 100% organic and duly certified for US NOP and Indian NPOP Organic standards • High Dietary Fiber • Rich source of iron • Vital for blood cells and enzyme activities • Good for heart • Prevents the risk of cancer • Lowers blood pressure • Gives healthy bones, teeth and gums • Promotes weight loss and fastens the digestion process

Omved Hair Care Kit
USD 34.45

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