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Dabur Kafkuthar Ras
USD 3.09

Dabur Kafkuthar Ras Breathlessness and Chest Congestion

Dabur Shwaasamrit
USD 3.5

Dabur Shwaasamrit For breathlessness, chronic cough, cold, bronchitis and allergies

Baksons B40 Pleurisy Drops
USD 10.3

Baksons B40 Pleurisy Drops - For Pain in intercostal space associated with pleurisy, pleural effusion, pleuro pneumonia and chest catarrh. Suffocation, cough and difficult breathing.

Dabur Swarna Bhasma
USD 89.38

Dabur Swarna Bhasma - Useful in chronic fever, Cough, Breathlessness, Sluggish memory, Nervous weakness.

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