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SBL Tonicard Gold Drops
USD 13.30

Tonicard Gold Drops is the proven cardioprotector - Arrhythmias , Palpitation , Breathlessness , Sinking of heart & Weak Pulse

Zandu Vigorex SF Capsules
USD 11.25

Zandu Vigorex SF Capsules, for Corrects premature ejaculation

Zandu Vigorex Tablets
USD 14.25

Zandu Vigorex Tablets, for Effective in premature ejaculation and frigidity

Kalpajeevanthi Cardiac Tonic
USD 13.2

Regulate cardio vascular functions, Reduce Hyper Tension and excessive body heat. A best Diuretic.

Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls
USD 6.8

Garlic Pearls Natural way to healthy heart & digestion

SBL Homeopathy Bio Combination Salts Cough Cold & Catarh 6
USD 19.60

Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Cough, Cold and Catarh Headache with cold, sneezing with discharge due to inflamed mucous membrane, pain in chest, bronchitis with or without rattling sound and dyspnoea.

J & J Dechane Chiniumco
USD 5.59

Chiniumco is a combination of ayurvedic drugs for checking profuse bleeding.

J & J Dechane Desma
USD 5.59

Desma is a combination of ayurvedic drugs for relief in asthma. Desma is also used as an expectorant in cough.

J & J Dechane Grandi- Co
USD 10.9

Grandi Co has a combination of ayurvedic drugs well known for their stimulant action on the heart and diuretic action

Dabur Mensta Syrup
USD 20.82

Dabur Mensta Syrup Restores Harmony of Womens’Health

Zandu Mandur Vatak
USD 9.4

Mandur Vatak Tablets - Incontinence of urine in children, Chlorosis, Scrofula, Heart affections, Phthisis, General Debility and also to the children who eat soil.

Ban labs Lipan Capsule
USD 11

Banlabs Lipan Capsule - Reduces Cholesterol and increases High Density Lipoprotein (LDL) ratio

Capro Labs Broncap Capsules
USD 14.9

Capro Labs Broncap Capsule - is an effective remedy for relieving Bronchial congestion and treats Bronchial Asthama, Cough, Dysponea, Hoarseness.

Capro Labs Cardiraksh Capsule
USD 14.1

Capro Labs Cardiraksh Capsule - Controls hyper tension and relieves stress and strain and remove blockage of blood vessels.

Charak Pharma Alsarex Tablets
USD 12.55

Alsarex Tablets, A single comprehensive remedy for acid peptic disorders

Charak Pharma Evanova Capsules
USD 23.50

Evanova Capsules, The soya enriched phytoestrogen that tackles peri menopausal signs, symptoms and sequelae

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