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Zandu Vigorex SF Capsules
USD 5.7

Zandu Vigorex SF Capsules, for Corrects premature ejaculation

Zandu Vigorex Tablets
USD 6.7

Zandu Vigorex Tablets, for Effective in premature ejaculation and frigidity

Amirtha Sanjeevi Special Lehyam
USD 7.75

To improve Semen density and Sperm Quality. Promote General Health, Gives vigor and stamina fatigue

J & J Dechane Sactomins Granules
USD 6.1

Sactomins Granules is an adjuvant therapy to fight long term complications in Diabetic patients.

Baidyanath Sundari Kalp forte
USD 15.25

Baidyanath Sundari Regulates menstrual cycle, relieves the distress of dysmonorrhoea.

Baidyanath Musli Pak
USD 7.25

Baidyanath Musli Pak is a combination of Aphrodisiac and Revitalizing herbs. It is very useful for Emiciation, lack of strength and vigor, Premature ejaculation, Male Sterility and Loss of libido.

Baidyanath Supari Pak
USD 4.45

Baidyanath Supari Pak Promotes Vitality for Women.

Medileaves Divyamritham Lehyam
USD 18.64

Divyamritham Lehyam is a highly effective ayurvedic medicine for sexual debility, infertility of both sexes. Rejuvenates and induses dynamism and tremendous energy. Helps to improve strength and physical stamina, intelligence, memory and appearance. Is formulated from rare and potential ayurvedic ingredients in tune with our ancient ayurvedic manuscript.

Dr Akbar Kausar Kasini Hero Capsules
USD 17.9

Dr. Akbar Kausar Kasini Hero Capsule is a sage herbal energizer for both sex to boost vigour and vitality.

Imis Narasimha Lehya
USD 7.3

Imis Narasimha Lehya Improves vigor and strength, Promotes spermatogenesis.Improves Sperm Motility & Morphology. Enhances Semen Volume.

Imis Madanakameswari Lehya
USD 17.14

Imis Madanakameswari Lehya Improves vigor and strength. Natural libido enhancer. Corrects erectile dysfunction and oligospermia. Safe for long term use. Promotes Spermatogenesis. Improves Sperm Motility & Morphology. Enhances Semen Volume.

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