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Listerine Cool Mint Mouth Wash
USD 10.25

Listerine Mouthwash Coolmint kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and the gum disease gin

Dabur Red Tooth Powder
USD 7.05

Dabur Red Tooth Powder Strong Teeth And Healthy Gums

SBL Homeopathy Bio Combination Salts Enlarged Tonsils 10
USD 3.95

Homeopathy Salts Tonsils Enlarged 10 for Inflamed tonsils, follicular tonsillitis, painful with white coating or greyish white patches on tongue or tonsils, bad breath with loss of or lowered appetite.

J & J Dechane Medicated Tooth Powder
USD 3.05

Medicated Tooth Powder combines the extracts of herbs such as Baberang, Neem, Jungli Erandi, Halda etc. for pyorrhoea, gingivitis and spongy gums.

Close-up Toothpaste
USD 4.25

With a new Active Clean Mouthwash formulation is able to reach deep within the mouth to remove plaque, providing a cleaner mouth and long – lasting fresh breath. Close Up Menthol Chill Toothpaste’s microwhiteners and fluoride make the teeth look naturally white and remain strong.

Gopal Tooth Powder
USD 2.95

Gopal Tooth Powder packet of dried herbs is formulated from Siddha medicine. Prevents tooth decay, bad breath and also protects, strengthens and whitens teeth. Makes the smile attractive and adds beauty to the face. The ancient formula contains mild but effective herbal abrasives to gently remove stubborn stains.

Bakson Homoeopathy Arnica Hair Oil
USD 8.25

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Arnica Hair Oil Helps relieve bleeding gums, fights caries, tartar and bad breath.

Baksodent Tooth Paste
USD 8.25

Baksons Homeopathy - Baksodent Tooth Paste - For healthy teeth & gums with anti bacterial action.

K.P.Namboodiri's Special Tooth Powder
USD 5.3

Ayurveda – the science of life is based on principles of nature. All Ayurvedic preparations have their ingredients derived from Nature. K.P.Namboodiri’s Dantadhavanachoornam is the most popular brand of Ayurvedic Tooth Powder in India. K.P.Namboodiri’s Toothpowder is an invaluable gift of Ayurveda.

Allens Dentolin
USD 4.05

Emami Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil
USD 18.95

Emami Aroma Miracle Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil - is used to treat colds, persistent coughs, acne, toothaches, and sunburn

Baidyanath Irimedadi Tel
USD 5.05

Specific remedy for dental diseases & its complications

Himalaya Hiora
USD 11.95

For comprehensive management of sensitive teeth and gums

Himalaya Active Fresh Gel
USD 4.75

Active Fresh Gel For Guranteed Freshness

Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste
USD 6.35

Neem and Pomegranate in Complete Care toothpaste fight germs and give your teeth all-day protection.

Himalaya Sensitive Toothpaste
USD 8.9

is a herbal formulation that gives you rapid and lasting relief from tooth sensitivity

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