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Kasthuri Manjal Turmeric Herbal Powder
USD 28.50

Kasthuri Manjal ( Turmeric ) can be used by gents, ladies and also just born babies.

Aroma Magic Glossy Face Pack
USD 9.5

Aroma Magic Glossy Pack Helps Lighten Pigmentation, Acne, Scars & Freckles.

Aroma Magic Reviving Oxy Pack
USD 9.4

Aroma Magic Oxy Face Pack Removes Waste & Toxins and Boosts Circulation.

Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Serum
USD 15.7

Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Serum

Ayulabs Ludoil Oil

When depigmentation Mars happiness, Ayulabs Ludoil Oil provide a Time Tested Treatment in Leucoderma.

Natures Essence Snowhite Salsa
USD 5.7

Natures Essence Snowhite Salsa Fairness Moisturizing Lotion

Banjaras Saffron Deep cleansing Astrigent
USD 29.50

Banjaras Saffron Deep Cleansing Astringent helps in toning, texturizing and refreshing the skin to get the glowing look.

Lotus Herbals Professional Dipigmentone
USD 37.37

Lotus Herbals Professional - Dipigmentone - Exclusive Treatment for Removing Pigmentation

RevAyur Aroma Plus

RevAyur Aroma Plus -Protects, soothes and calms skin

Banjaras Neem Fairness Cream
USD 14.25

Neem Fairness Cream is a unique combination of herbs that promote a healthy and de-pigmented skin. Removes black spots and pimples scare on the face, thus promoting anti-pigmentation properties in the skin.

Mud Pack Pigmentation
USD 13.95

Banjara\'s Mud Pack for Pigmentation is composed of combination of healthy herbs which control the activity of over activated melanin producing cells, the basic cause of hyper-pigmentation. Natural herbs penetrate into deeper skin layers

Dhathri Skin Care Products
USD 9.2

Dhathri Skin Care Products contains selected ayurvedic ingredients which protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun's uv rays, retards the agening process of the skin, maintains optimum moisture cantent on the skin surface. it's nourishing and keeps the skin firm, supple glowing.

natures essence nature s de pigmentation oil
USD 11.2

Nature’s Essence De-Pigmentation oil is a depigmentation oil of age spot. Nature’s Essence De-Pigmentation oil keeps the epidermis clear and healthy, complexion lightening.

Nivea Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion
USD 22.40

Nivea Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion Nivea Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion is a specially formulated body lotion with 40 times higher concentration of Vitamin C works on you skin from deep within and repairs skin layer by layer to recover skin\'s white tone.

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