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Aroma Magic Skin Firming Serum
USD 15.7

Aroma Magic Skin Firming Serum

VLCC Shape Up Bust Firming Cream
USD 18.02

VLCC Shape Up Bust Firming Cream is an unique and natural formulation, which contains proprietary blend of herbs traditionally known for their ability to balance female hormones and promote a firmer, uplifted B-line.

Aroma Magic Skin firming concentrate
USD 20.15

Skin firming concentrate - Help restore firmness to sagging skin on face & neck. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, double chin, eye bags and lines. Restores skin moisture balance.

Ayur Herbal Mint Face Pack
USD 5.75

Having a very refreshing aroma, it has a cooling & reviving effect on a listless & tired looking skin. Helps to tighten, firm & tone up the facial muscles.

Fem Botanica Anti Wrinkle and Skin Firming Cream
USD 21.9

Botanica Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Firming Cream Cell Modulation System with Jojoba Oil Botanica Replenishes the lost cellular lipids and brings back the radiant glow on the skin Botanica makes Skin Firm and Lightens Under Eye Circles.

Jovees Winter Green Anti Cellulite Body Massage Oil
USD 17.62

Jovees massage oil is a unique preparation that has been processed scientifically to maintain the therapeutic properties of herbs and essential oil used in this formulae. It helps to tone muscles, useful in case of strained muscles, joint pains, an excellent total body firming formulae. It also helps in reducing excessive fats on the body.

Olay Regenerist Night Firming Cream
USD 49.65

Olay Regenerist Night Firming Cream Uses a time-release effect to intensely hydrate, regenerate and condition the skin hour after hour while you sleep. Suitable for everyday use for normal, dry and combination skin. Moisturises skin with a hydrating anti aging complex Wake up to the look of a mini-lift each morning with Olay’s hydrating anti aging complex.

Shahnaz Neem Skin Care Program Kit
USD 21.15

Shahnaz Husain Program - Shahnaz Husain - Neem Skin Care Program Kit contains - Neem Skin Nourishing Cream , Neem Rehydrant Lotion , Neem Sun Protective Base Balm & Neem Skin Cleansing Cream.

Shahnaz Platinum Ultimaten Cellular Skin Recharge Serum
USD 73.1

Precious platinum solution has been combined with powerful natural antioxidants, like Vitamin-E, green tea, aloe vera and ginseng, to maintain the ideal hydration level and tighten the skin. With a deep cellular action, it promotes healthy collagen and porcelains the skin. Ensures firm, smooth, youthful and radiant skin.

Shahnaz Husain Slimcal Gel
USD 19.7

Shahnaz Slimcal Anti-Cellulite Gel - Helps reduce waist line , Reduces cellulite & Tightens & Firms skin

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