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Biotique Bio Pistachio Ageless Nourishing & Revitalizing Face Pack For All Skin Types
USD 12.2

Pistachios come from one of the oldest flowering nut trees on earth, used first by ancient queens for their nourishing and rejuvenating skin benefits.

Shahnaz Husain Health Honey Ayurvedic Mud Mask
USD 21.15

Shahnaz Honey Mud Mask Extremely beneficial for dull, dehydrated, shallow skin.

Shahnaz Husain Pearl Mask - natural Radiance Mask
USD 31.1

Shahnaz Pearl Mask Naturally Whitening Radiance Mask

Ayur Herbal Egg Face Pack
USD 5.7

Removing black-heads and white-heads from the face

Lotus Herbals Clay White Black Clay Skin Whitening Face Pack
USD 13

Black Clay Skin Whitening Face Pack - For Brighter Skin & Lighten Facial Complexion.

Lotus Herbals Frujuvenate Skin Perfecting and Rejuvenating Fruit Pack
USD 13

Skin Perfecting & Rejuvenating Fruit Pack - For Skin Rejuvenation in 20 Minutes.

VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit
USD 27.15

VLCC’s Anti–Tan treatment repairs the damage done by the above said factors. It lightens blemishes, removes dead cells and leaves your skin clear radiant.

Aroma Magic Beugenic Pack
USD 16.15

Aroma Magic PRO Range -Beugenic Pack - deep cleansing and hydrating pack infused with sea minerals and seaweeds.

Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Pack
USD 9.2

Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Pack - Dry, Mature & Wrinkled Skin

Lakme Face Make Up Face Sheer
USD 14.2

Sun soaked irridescent pigments that tint, highlight and layer for lovely cheek and face color.

Richfeel Fruit Facial Kit
USD 31.84

Fruit Facial Kit is the best choice for sensitive skin. Packed with natural goodness of fruits, it treats the skin very gently. Is a complete facial for Sensitive skin.

Richfeel Saffron Facial Kit
USD 35.79

Saffron Facial Kit helps normal skin to remain problem free. Adds glow to normal skin while making it more resilient and supple. Is a complete facial for Normal skin.

Richfeel Skin Whitening Facial Kit
USD 36.19

The Richfeel Skin Whitening Kit is made with natural ingredients to remove the tanned appearance and lighten the skin tone

Richfeel Mud Pack
USD 25.92

The Richfeel Mud Pack is a special formulation to keep the keratinization(ageing) process at day. Excellent for sagging skin.

Ayush Soap
USD 10.2

Ayush Soap has a unique formulation enriched with Tulsi, Amla, Ritha, Neem and other herb extracts, that kill 99.9% of seven types of skin and scalp germs.

Mud Pack Skin and Hair
USD 11.2

Banjara\'s Mud Pack is a complete skin and hair care remedy for cleansing the skin, getting rid of excessive oiliness, dark spots, inflammation, acne breakouts, reduce hair fall and spilt ends.

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