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Charak Pharma Addyzoa Capsules
USD 11.60

Addyzoa Capsules, The proven spermatogenetic and antioxidant for male functional infertility

Charak Pharma Alsarex Tablets
USD 10.70

Alsarex Tablets, A single comprehensive remedy for acid peptic disorders

Charak Aptizooom Syurp
USD 13.20

Aptizoom Syrup, The Natural appetite zoomer

Charak Arshonyt Forte
USD 9.95

Arshonyt Forte Tablets, Twin treatment for haemorrhoids

Charak Arthrella Ointment
USD 10.90

Arthrella Ointment, A potent topical anti-inflammatory, analgesic and counter-irritant

Charak Pharma Calcury Tablets
USD 22.10

Calcury Tablets, Natural lithotriptic and diuretic

Charak Cephagraine Nasal Drops
USD 9.80

Cephagraine Nasal Drops, The decongestant and analgesic therapy for sinusitis and migraine

Charak Pharma Cephagraine Tablets
USD 10.70

Cephagraine Tablets, Therapy for migraine and sinusitis

Charak Pharma Cognium Syrup
USD 10.80

Cognium Syrup, Corrects cognitive insufficiency

Charak Pharma Cognium Tablets
USD 12.55

Cognium Tablets, Corrects Cognitive Insufficiency

Charak Pharma Cytozen Capsules
USD 11.60

Cytozen Capsules,The comprehensive hepatoprotector

Charak Pharma Evanova Capsules
USD 11.10

Evanova Capsules, The soya enriched phytoestrogen that tackles peri menopausal signs, symptoms and sequelae

Charak Pharma Extrammune Syrup
USD 10.60

Extrammune Syrup, Extrammune Syp for Extra Immunity

Charak Pharma Extrammune Tablet the Immunity Builder
USD 10.50

Extrammune Syrup, Extrammune Syp for Extra Immunity

Charak Pharma Femiplex Tablets
USD 10.90

Femiplex Tablets, Silver coated natural vaginal astringent

Charak Pharma Gum Tone Gel
USD 10.10

Gum Tone Gel, The herbal astringent and antiseptic to control gingivitis

Charak Pharma Gum Tone Powder
USD 10.10

Gum Tone Powder, The herbal astringent and antiseptic to control gingivitis

Charak Haleezy Syrup
USD 10.30

Haleezy Syrup, The natural bronchodilator, anti-histaminic and anti-inflammatory

Charak Pharma Haleezy Tablets
USD 13.10

Haleezy Tablets, Bronchodilator, anti-histaminic and anti-inflammatory

Charak Pharma Hyponidd Tablets
USD 10.80

Hyponidd Tablets, Add-on anti-diabetic with antioxidant & hypolipidemic advantage.

Charak Imupsora Ointment
USD 10.80

Immupsora Ointment, Cutaneous anti-proliferative and chemoprotective

Charak Imupsora Tablets
USD 10.20

It provides predictable antiproliferative, anti inflammatory & antibacterial action. Systemic administration helps in correcting the immune dysfunction and abnormal cytokine release.

Charak Kofol Syrup
USD 9.80

Kofol Syrup, The herbal formulation beneficial for all presentations of cough

Charak Livomyn Syrup
USD 10.60

Livomyn Syrup, Hepatoprotective, Antiviral and Cholagogue

Charak Pharma Livomyn Tablets
USD 10.10

Livomyn Tablets, Hepatoprotective, Antiviral and Cholagogue

Charak M2 Tone Forte Syrup
USD 13.60

M2 Tone Forte Syrup, The non-invasive, non-hormonal approach to menorrhagia and metrorrhagia

Charak Pharma M2-Tone Tablets
USD 13.50

M2-Tone Tablets, The most trusted and clinically endorsed formulation for DUB and infertility

Charak Manoll Syrup
USD 13.90

Manoll Syrup, Natural antioxidant and immunity booster

Charak Pharma Manoll Capsules
USD 10.30

Manoll Capsules, Natural antioxidant and immunity booster

Charak Pharma Neo Tablets
USD 10.80

Neo Tablets, The natural approach for the Management of Premature Ejaculation and Nocturnal Emission.

Charak Pharma Obenyl Tablets
USD 10.50

Obenyl Tablets, Safe appetite supressant for treating obesity

Charak Ojus Syrup
USD 10.50

Ojus Syrup, The complete Digestive Aid

Charak Ostolief Tablets
USD 12.10

Ostolief Nutra Tablets, Maintains Healthy Joint

Charak Pallrywyn Forte Tablets
USD 11.60

Pallrywyn Forte Tablets, The natural aphrodisiac

Charak Pigmento Ointment
USD 10.95

Pigmento Ointment, Dual natural psoralen therapy for depigmented skin

Charak Pigmento Tablets
USD 10.70

Psoralea corylifolia the main ingredient of Pigmento, stimulates melanocytes to synthesize melanin, the pigmenting agent. Other ingredients do have immuno-modulating and antioxidant properties, and therefore, Pigmento is the comprehensive therapy in vitiligo for repigmentation.

Charak Pharma Posex Forte Capsules
USD 10.50

Posex Forte Capsules, A natural Haemostyptic

Charak Spasma Syrup
USD 13.40

Spasma Syrup, Relieves bronchospasm and improves quality of life

Charak Pharma Sumenta Tablets
USD 10.80

Sumenta Tablets, The natural anxiolytic for daytime anxiety management

Charak Pharma Takzema Tablets
USD 10.30

Takzema Tablets, Non-steroidal remedy for eczema

Charak Urtiplex Capsules
USD 11.40

Urtiplex Capsules, Antiallergic and antipruritic

Charak Pharma Vigomax Forte Tablets
USD 11.95

Vigomax Forte Tablets, Maximises Vigor

Charak Prosteez Tablets
USD 10.95

Prosteez Tablets, Eases flow comprehensively

Charak Ojus Tablets
USD 13.00

Ojus Tablets, The complete Digestive Aid

Charak Fortyfitt Tablets
USD 11.10

Fortyfitt Benefits - increases energy levels , increases muscle mass and strength , boosts sexual interest and potency , improves cognitive function , reduces the risk of CAD and hypertension

Charak Pharma Richelth Capsules
USD 13.95

Charak Richelth Capsules Exhibits potent free radicals scavenging activity and maintain overall good health. Strengthens immune system. Increases energy levels and ensures overall well-being. Provides effective protection to all vital organs.

Charak Paedritone Drops
USD 9.95

Relief from common pediatric complaints like gripes, colics, indigestion and diarrhoea.

Charak Pharma Lunarex Forte
USD 10.70

Is a safe non-hormonal remedy for inducing and regularizing menstruation.

Charak Miniscar Cream
USD 10.40

Miniscar cream is effective in reducing scarring and scar tissues

Charak Vomiteb Syrup
USD 10.20

Vomiteb is totally safe in nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Charak Vgoroll Jelly
USD 17.90

Contains those ingredients which are very good nutritional agents.

Charak Takzema Ointment Cream
USD 10.30

Local application of ointment controls dryness, irritation, itching & scratching of the skin.

Charak Skinelle Cream
USD 9.95

Skinelle is natural comedolytic and antimicrobial

Charak Rymanyl Liniment
USD 10.20

Controls pain inflammation and degenerative process without any undesired side effects.

Charak Rymanyl Capsule
USD 10.40

Controls pain inflammation and degenerative process without any undesired side effects.

Charak Regulax Forte
USD 10.30

Relieves the gastric discomfort and ensures smooth evacuation.

Charak Arshonyt Ointment
USD 9.70

Is a twin treatment for medical management of haemorrhoids.

Charak Alka 5 Syrup
USD 10.30

Induces diuresis and reduce urgency and frequency.

Charak Evenshade
USD 10.60

Provides nourishment to the skin and thus improves complexion

Charak Imupsora Oil
USD 10.20

It provides predictable anti-proliferative, anti inflammatory & antibacterial action.

Charak Kofol Lozenges
USD 12.40

Kofol syrup is for productive cough and Kofol chewable lozenges for non-productive cough

Charak Kofol SF Syrup
USD 10.30

Kofol is a first choice in the therapy of cough

Charak Livomyn Drops
USD 10.00

Protects the liver from virus, alcohol and drugs taken for other diseases

Charak Galakol Granules
USD 11.95

Improves general health status and well being.

Charak Garlill
USD 10.20

Provides fast relief of belching and bloating non-ulcer pain and distension of intestine.

Charak Femiforte
USD 10.50

Simulates astringent action in vaginal mucosa and reduce excessive vaginal discharge in the vaginal tract.

Charak M2-Tone Syrup
USD 13.50

Do's 1) Prefer wheat, milk and fruits 2) Morning walk 3) Weight reduction.

Charak Arthrella Oil
USD 10.20

Charak Arthrella Oil  is a potent topical antiinflammatory , analgesic and counter - irritant. Kapur oil ( Camphora officinarum ) , Oil of Wintergreen ( Gaultheria fragrantissima ) , the ingredients of ARTHRELLA oil are counter - irritants and help relieve pain immediately.

Charak Autozyme Tablet
USD 13.00

Charak Autozyme Tablet autozyme improves digestion and relieves dyspepsia naturally by relieving gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal discomfort , bloating , constipation, heartburn , nausea and vomiting.

Charak Chropaxe Tablet
USD 12.60

Charak Chropaxe Tablet  Pain is an unpleasant sensation signaling actual or possible injury. Depending on the duration , the pain can be acute or chronic.

Charak Cyclease Nutra
USD 12.60

Charak Cyclease Nutra  is a unique synergistic combination of herbs & essential micronutrients that ease the discomfort in PMS.

Charak Danil Oil
USD 12.10

Charak Danil Oil  it get soft , shiny , healthy hair with non - sticky Anti Dandruff Hair Oil – Danil oil.

Charak Femiplex Gel
USD 10.30

Charak Femiplex Gel is female genital tract is susceptible to microbial and fungal infections.

Charak Galakol Tablet
USD 10.95

Charak Galakol Tablet Charak Galakol Tablet breastfeeding offers beneficial effects for both baby as well as the mother.

Charak Moha Foot Care Cream
USD 10.90

Charak Moha Foot Care Cream  have a Papaya and Aloe join hands to give your feet the soft texture you crave with Moha’s luxurious Foot Care Cream.

Charak Moha Herbal Face Wash
USD 11.50

Charak Moha Herbal Face Wash also stimulates new cell growth and prevents the formation of blackheads and pimples. 

Charak Moha Herbal Hair Conditioner
USD 11.80

Charak Moha Herbal Hair Conditioner for gorgeous , silky hair , treat your hair to moha : Herbal Hair Conditioner.

Charak Moha Herbal Shower Gel
USD 11.95

Charak Moha Herbal Shower Gel takes gentle care of your skin with the detoxifying action of Aloe.

Charak Moha Rose Mist
USD 11.80

Charak Moha Rose Mist Rejuvenate your skin with this refreshing moha : Rose Mist. A delightful mix of the season’s best roses combined with the goodness of aloe.

Charak Moha Soap
USD 10.20

Charak Moha Soap Pamper your skin with this rich, luxurious moha: Soap.

Charak Nutrabet
USD 14.70

Charak Pharma Obenyl Nutra Tablet
USD 15.60

Charak Obenyl Nutra is the only formulation with the unique combination of nutraceuticals & phytomedicines to support obesity management. OBENYL NUTRA not only regulates metabolism but also prevents the inevitable complications of obesity.

Charak Ostolief Gel
USD 10.40

Charak Ostolief Gel is a topical analgesic preparation for the treatment of pain associated with osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , cervical spondylosis , frozen shoulder , sprains , sports injuries and myalgia ( muscular pain ).

Charak Ostolief Nutra
USD 15.40

Charak Ostolief Nutra offers therapeutic synergy that combines the benefits of nutraceuticals and phytomedicines for joint mobility and flexibility.

Charak Stop - Ibs Tablet
USD 12.70

Charak Stop - Ibs Tablet restores the gastrointestinal motility and relieves symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ).

Charak Urtiplex Anti-Itch Lotion
USD 10.95

Charak Urtiplex Anti - Itch Lotion is beneficial for urticaria due to its cooling effect and antipruritic potentials. 

Charak Vigoroll Jelly
USD 17.90

Charak Vigoroll Jelly is a comprehensive formulation , which revitalizes and rejuvenates.

Charak Vomiteb Tablet
USD 14.35

Charak Vomiteb Tablet  is a safe and effective herbal antinauseant , antiemetic.

Charak Zzowin Tablets
USD 10.70

Charak Zzowin Tablets Sleep is an active process for the brain. Charak Zzowin Tablets is a necessary restorative process that affects all aspects of functioning.

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