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Schwabe Homeopathy Alpha MP
USD 10.80

Schwabe Homeopathy Alpha-MP takes care of tearing pains of tendons and ligaments,Covers muscular soreness,Relieves spasmodic muscular pain, cramps and rheumatic pains, Reduces general uneasiness, limbs weariness and weakness

Schwabe Homeopathy Bio Combinations 01 Anaemia
USD 10.40

Schwabe Homoeopathy Bio Combination 01 for Anaemia. Useful in anaemia and related problems. Anaemia due to malabsorption, indigestion and to living in unhealthy quarters. Cerebral and spinal anaemia

Schwabe Homeopathy BC 24-Nerves & Brain
USD 10.40

Schwabe Homeopathy Bio Combination 24 for Nerves & Brain. Used as a tonic for nerves and brain. General debility and exhaustion with lack of vitality