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Zandu Alpitone Syrup
USD 16.60

Zandu Alpitone Syrup, Stimulates digestion, improves appetite.

Zandu Balm
USD 10.60

Zandu Balm, Effective analgesic for musculoskeletal disorders

Zandu Brento Syrup
USD 13.70

Zandu Brento , Syrup - Cures general mental debility, cognitive dysfunction, decreased vigilance, lack of concentration, age related memory impairment, loss of memory.

Zandu Chandraprabhavati
USD 10.70

Zandu Chandraprabha Vati - Useful in Albuminuria, Phosphaturia, Gout, Gonorrhoea, Renal Calculi, Chicken Pox, Herpes, Lumbago, Pruritus Vulva, Fever etc.

Zandu Chyavanprash
USD 16.50

Zandu Chyavanprash - Useful as a nutritive in Phthisis, General Debility, Cough, Hoarsness of voice, Debility of Old Age, ect.

Zandu Maha Yogaraj Guggul
USD 13.20

Zandu Maha Yogaraj Guggul, Used in Musculo-skeletal Disorders

Zandu Pancharishta
USD 16.40

Zandu Rhumasyl oil
USD 11.20

Zandu Rhumasyl Liniment ( Oil) for Powerful Muscle Rubefacient

Zandu Rhumasyl Ointment
USD 10.10

Zandu Rhumasyl Ointment - Reduces Inflammation and Improves Joint Mobility.

Zandu Sitopaladi Churna
USD 15.50

Zandu Sitopaladi Churna - Useful in Bronchitis, Cough, Phthisis, Chest infection, Burning of hands and feet.

Zandu Triphala Churna
USD 18.90

Zandu Triphala Churna - Useful in Dyspesia, Chronic Diarrhoea, Hiccough and Colic, Specially Beneficial in Eye disease and Internal Haemorrhage.

Zandu Triphala Guggul
USD 9.60

Zandu Triphala Guggul - Useful in Boils, Carbuncles, Abscesses, Ulcers, Sinus, Fistula etc.

Zandu Vigorex Tablets
USD 12.30

Zandu Vigorex Tablets, for Effective in premature ejaculation and frigidity

Zandu Abhayasan
USD 9.60

Zandu Abhayasan Tablet, For Stomachic, Carminative, Digestive, Stimulant

Zandu Arogya Vardhini Gutika
USD 9.90

Zandu Arogyavardhini Gutika, Useful in Jaundice

Zandu Gandhak Rasayan Tablet
USD 15.60

Zandu Gandhak Rasayan Tablet, Purifies Blood and Useful in Piles

Zandu Gokshuradi Gugul
USD 9.90

Gokshuradi Guggul - Useful in Albuminuria, Phosphoturia, Enuresis, Dysuria, Calculi, Gonorrhoea and Rheumatism.

DiaBliss Herbal Cane Sugar
USD 16.80

Kishore Guggul - Useful in Scrofula, Ulcers, Boils, Chronic Otorrhoea, Fistula, Sciatica etc.

Zandu Sarpagandha Tablets
USD 10.10

Zandu Sarpagandha Tablet, Useful in tension, insomnia and anxiety .

Zandu Shwas Kuthar Ras
USD 9.95

Shwas Kuthar Rasa - Useful in Asthma, Fevers, Local Acute Inflammation, Pneumonia, Erisipelas, Tonsillitis and painful Neuralgic affections.

Zandu Vishtindul Vati
USD 9.60

Zandu Vishtinduk Vati - Cures Dyspepsia, Diarrhoea, Intestinal Colic, Lumbago and Local Paralysis and Neurotic affections.

Zandu Kanchnar Guggulu
USD 13.40

Zandu Kanchnar Gugul Gutika

Zandu Punarnava Mandur
USD 10.40

Zandu Punarnava Mandur for anemia odema, worms & liver disorders.

Zandu Mandur Vatak
USD 12.90

Mandur Vatak Tablets - Incontinence of urine in children, Chlorosis, Scrofula, Heart affections, Phthisis, General Debility and also to the children who eat soil.

Zandu Ashwagandha Churna
USD 15.30

Zandu Ashwagandhadi Churna - Treats sexual debility, spermatorrhoea, old age debility and leucorrhoea.

Zandu Talisadi Churna
USD 9.95

Zandu Talisadi Churna - Anorexia, Chronic Cough, Dyspepsia, Enlargement of the Spleen and Chest affection.

Zandu Maha Sudarshan Churna
USD 9.60

Zandu Sudarshan Ghanvati & Tablet, Maha Sudarshan Churna - Extensively used in Fever, Dyspepsia, Loss of appetite, Fatigue and Nausea.

Zandu Trayodashang Guggulu
USD 14.30

Zandu Trayodashang Gugul Gutika

Zandu Bhaskar Lavan Churna
USD 12.40

Zandu Bhaskar Lavan Churna - Cures Indigestion, Flatulence, Nausea, Costiveness, Loss of appetite, Sprue and other bowel complaints.

Zandu Swadishta Virechan Churna
USD 10.40

Swadishta Virechan Churna - Useful in Piles, Prolapse Ani, Constipation, Fissure of Anus, Pruritus Ani etc.

Zandu Nityam Churna
USD 10.20

Zandu Nityam Churna, 100% Safe Ayurvedic Laxative ,Relief from Chronic Constipation

Zandu Zandopa Powder
USD 14.60

Zandopa, Treatment of Idiopathic Parkinsonism

Zandu Vigorex Capsules
USD 10.6

Zandu Vigorex Capsules - Increases Stamina, Strengthens Vigour and Vitality, Uplifts Mood, Builds Muscular Strength, De-Stressor & Energizer, Enhances Blood Circulation

Zandu Satavarex
USD 14.40

Zandu Zanduzyme Forte Tablet
USD 10.95

Ensures quick relief from acidity . Indication : Indigestion, dyspepsia , flatulence , as a digestive stimulant and in all other digestive disorders . Brings ease after heavy food intake .

Zandu Sona Chandi Chyawanprash Plus - 900gm
USD 32.20

Details Of Zandu Sona Chandi Chyawanprash Plus - 900gm : 

Ayurvedas 3000 year old tradition is based on the goodness of foods & herbs being the key to vitality & health . Of this , Chyawanprash is the best known & most widely used . 

Zandu Sona Chandi ChyawanPlus contains :

Bala , Guduchi , Haritaki , Jyotismati , Ashvagandha,Pippali , Punarnava , Yastimadhu and AmlaPishti which are known for their immunity boosting properties . 


Zandu Vasavaleha
USD 10.20

Zandu Nityam Tablet
USD 12.30

Zandu Nityam Tablet :

Effective in ( Diseases )
Constipation , Indigestion / Acidity / Gas , Stomach Pain & Colic

Zandu Praval Pishti
USD 10.90

Zandu Trishun Tablet
USD 11.10

Zandu Chyavanprash ( 900g )
USD 22.20

Details of Zandu Chyavanprash :

Zandu Chyavanprash is a high Amla content, a rich source of Vitamin C together with other nutritional herbs helps in building body resistance against common ailments like cough and cold, weak digestive system & promotes all round physical and mental health.

Zandu Kesari Jivan - 900 G
USD 28.10

Details of Zandu Kesari Jivan 

  • Zandu kesari jivan is a health supplement filled with the goodness of kesar , fresh amla , exotic herbs , spices and trace minerals . 
  • It not only makes one physically strong but also keeps the youthful vigour intact .

Zandu Gel
USD 9.90

Zandu Balm-8ml
USD 9.70

Zandu Pure Honey
USD 14.40

Zandu Infee Syrup
USD 10.20

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